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November 2017

Micro Data Centers Make Inroads In-House

By | Data Centers

Data centers are often thought of as large, sprawling complexes that can’t be missed; and that’s an accurate description for many of them. But there are also the smaller, forgotten data centers that are located within an enterprises’ own facility. They may not go by the name “data center”. They might be the “tech closet” or “IT department”, but when it comes right down to it, they’re data centers.

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Cannabis Farmers Use Generators To Try And Save Crops After Wildfires

By | Generator Maintenance and Information

There’s been a lot of focus on the damage California’s recent wildfires have done to the region’s winemakers, but an equally as hard-hit industry are the marijuana growers. The fires could not have hit at a worse time – October is harvest time and recreational sales in California are set to being in January 2018. Many cannabis farmers are now facing an uncertain future, but are doing what they can to save their crops.

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Microgrids Get A Fresh Look

By | Renewable Energy

After the hurricanes the Atlantic Coast of the U.S. has seen this year, there’s been a lot of talk about stabilizing and improving the power grid to contend with major events. One idea is that of microgrids, which are used throughout Alaska and in other states to power business, industries, and communities, some of which are extremely remote and difficult to connect to the main power grid.

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