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How Data Center Consolidation Can Help You Meet Overall Business Objectives

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Data center consolidation is usually thought of solely in terms of IT benefits such as reducing the business’ IT footprint or making better use of IT personnel and equipment. But it can be much more than that. An effective consolidation plan can help businesses meet overall company goals. In this post we have identified 5 ways data center consolidation can do so.

5 Additional Benefits To Data Center Consolidation

Besides reducing your IT footprint, and perhaps budget, data center consolidation can help your business:

  1. Minimize costs. One of the biggest arguments for consolidation is cost reduction. Consolidating several data centers into fewer is a clearcut way to reduce individual site and maintenance costs. But it can also be a great way to contain the total cost of ownership by expressly building the system to accommodate future growth.Sungard Project
  1. Increase agility and responsiveness. Data center consolidation isn’t only about reducing cost. It should also be about improving the systems performance and usefulness for the business. A new data center should be developed with an eye towards improving the system’s flexibility, agility, and responsiveness
  1. Build resiliency. Older, inefficient data centers are at risk of system failure (invariably at the most inopportune times!). A consolidation should factor in resiliency and redundancy to protect systems from unplanned outages and minimize service disruption to your end users. You don’t have to make the entire system redundant, but critical data and applications should get special attention so that they are always available when needed.
  1. Improve productivity. Faster, more reliable systems, optimized storage, better organization, and more uptime mean improved employee productivity and happier customers. Don’t just transfer everything over as-is. Make an effort to maximize system capabilities and streamline operations to boost productivity.
  1. Increase user satisfaction. How upset do you get when you encounter a slow server or a glitchy program? A data center consolidation is your chance to eliminate these issues for your employees or customers and improve their satisfaction with the system and your company.

Boost Your Business With CPP&S’s Data Center Consolidation Services

Critical Power Products and Services helps businesses of all sizes manage their data center consolidation efforts. Let us help you maximize your systems and IT resources without breaking the budget.

Call 1-877-315-4176 to learn more about our data center services.

8 Steps To Preparing For A Data Center Demolition

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Data center demolition involves disposing of the entire data center infrastructure, but not just getting rid of it. It involves getting rid of it in a way that eliminates the risk of business data being leaked or lost and ensuring that the physical equipment is disposed of in a way that meets all environmental guidelines. That’s a tall order that makes the project a complex process rather than a quick “over the weekend” type of project.

Critical Power Products and Services has been handling data center demolition projects for over 20 years. We’ve developed a reputation for getting the job done on-time and on-budget with minimal disruption to our clients. Here’s a list of 8 steps that we recommend every business take to successfully manage a data center demolition. Decom in Progresss

8 Steps To Successful Data Center Demolition

  1. Develop a plan. Successful data center demolition decisions start with a comprehensive plan that includes projected costs, transition management, disposal options, construction/deconstruction costs, environmental impact, and a timeline to completion.
  1. Review your lease agreement. This is an important step. What does your lease agreement say about decommissioning equipment? In what state must the space be left once you vacate? Make sure you’ve got a firm understanding of what your obligations are under the agreement to avoid surprise costs.
  1. Inform all stakeholders of the plan. You will likely have to make adjustments to day-to-day business operations during a demolition project. Make sure employees know what to expect and when well in advance so they can adjust their workloads accordingly and plan for the transition to the new system.
  1. Create an inventory of assets and what to do with them. An inventory of assets can help identify assets than can be recycled, reused elsewhere, or sold for cash and helps ensure that nothing is lost in the transition.
  1. Terminate existing service contracts. It’s easy to forget to terminate existing service contracts if you are simply getting rid of equipment. Don’t waste any more money than you have to by paying for services you no longer need. Use the inventory list created in Step 4 above to identify which equipment has a contract that must be terminated or adjusted.
  1. Relocate systems. Got everything checked off on your list? Know what is being decommissioned, what is being reused, and the new space is ready to go? The big day is finally here! You are ready to relocate your systems! 
  1. Dispose of old equipment. Once you’ve relocated all of your reusable equipment, the time has come to get rid of the unusable pieces. You should have researched equipment disposal options early on in the process and have vendors lined up to help you clear out  the facility. 
  1. Restore the site. Everything gone? Go back to Step 2 and restore the site to the conditions specified in your lease agreement.   machines inside navisite demo

Line Up Professional Help From CPP&S

Although this is only an 8-step list, it can be overwhelming when put into action. That’s why so many companies count on Critical Power Products & Services to help them manage the data center demolition process. Hiring CPP&S to manage your data center demolition ensures that your equipment will be decommissioned in accordance with EPA-certified standards and the most current best practice security measures to prevent data loss or theft.

Visit our Data Center Relocation page to learn more about our services or call 877-315-4176 to discuss your project with a team member.

4 Signs That It’s Time To Call In CPP&S’ Data Center Migration Services

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Data center migration is a complex undertaking that many companies just can’t handle on their own. For one thing, it’s not something most businesses need to do with any kind of frequency. That means when it does happen, it’s a whole new endeavor that likely needs to be developed from scratch. That’s a tall order for companies whose primary business is not data center migration. Because of this there may be pushback or a reluctance to actually migrate the data center.

If you’re wondering if it’s time to relocate your data center, we’ve got four telltale signs that the answer is Yes.

Four Signs It’s Time To Hire Data Center Migration Services

  1. Capital budget constraints. Doing more with less is a way of life for many businesses nowadays. But old, inefficient data centers or maintaining multiple data centers can bleed money and drain budgets. Sometimes, the solution is to consolidate existing data centers to maximize existing resources.
  1. Increased demands on data storage capabilities. Data demands are not going away. In fact, they are only increasing. That means we need more servers, more equipment, and more space. Data centers can quickly become too small – both physically and in terms of computing space. The answer? Moving to a new data center.
  1. Maintenance costs. Again, multiple sites mean more staff, more rental/lease/purchase costs, more equipment….you get the idea. If your maintenance costs are eating up your budget, a data center migration can consolidate and minimize costs while also improving performance.
  1. Aging, inefficient infrastructure. Technology changes seemingly every day. What was top-of-the-line just a year ago can be terribly outdated now. Inefficient systems can increase your energy costs and drain your budget. Even worse, hackers have become more insidious and savvy, managing to compromise even the most robust of data security systems. These risks are higher, the older the system is. Sometimes the best protection is a data center migration that includes upgraded equipment.

It’s at times like these that businesses come to rely on Critical Power Products & Services. Our 20 years of experience guarantees proper planning that minimizes risk and service disruption and maximizes your ROI.

Visit our Data Center Relocation page to learn more about our services and capabilities or call us at 877-315-4176 to discuss the specifics of your data center migration today.

What Happens To Unwanted Data Center Equipment After A Relocation, Consolidation, Or Demolition?

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Partnering with Critical Power Products and Services to relocate, consolidate, or decommission your data center is a smart business move that saves plenty of businesses time, money, and frustration. One of the most common questions we get asked when working with a business’ data center is “What happens to our old data center equipment?”

Keep the Planet Clean

Many companies are concerned about the environmental impact their old computing equipment poses. But we are happy to tell them that very, very little, if any, of the data center equipment that we handle ends up in landfills. Our process is so efficient that 90% of the old data center equipment that we see is either reused, resold, or recycled.      

Our Three-Pronged Approach To Data Center Equipment Disposal

Data centers are cost-intensive throughout their entire life cycle, from initial purchase and set up to ongoing operations and maintenance. When the time comes to retire your old equipment, we think businesses should be able to recoup some of those costs either by selling their old equipment or by disposing of it in a way that doesn’t cost them a lot of money. Our services aim to do just that. Here’s what we do with old data center equipment:

  • Reuse Equipment. Some companies prefer to reuse as much of their old data center equipment as possible, especially if they’ve been adding pieces year over year and some of it is still meeting their needs. This is a smart way to save some cash and minimize disruption to the business. If this sounds like your situation, CPP&S will work closely with your team to identify and relocate those pieces so you can reuse them at your new site.
  • Resell Equipment. Just because equipment doesn’t work for your business any longer doesn’t mean it’s obsolete. Many smaller companies or start-ups will jump at the chance to buy high-quality used data center equipment. We make the process easy for everyone with our Buyback Program. We offer current market value for UPS’s, PDU’s, air conditioners, generators, raised access flooring, and more to help you turn what could be a liability into an asset!   
  • Recycle Equipment. Sometimes, there’s just no hope for reusing or selling a piece of equipment. When that time comes, CPP&S will dismantle the piece into basic components and recycle them. Steel and other metals, circuit boards, chips…most of it can be 100% recycled. Our nationwide network of recyclers and smelters ensures that most of the equipment that passes through our hands finds new life in another form. What doesn’t, like hazardous wastes, is handled, managed, and disposed of in accordance with all local, state, and federal guidelines right here in the United States – and, by working with CPP&S, you are absolved of any responsibility for the disposal of those items.

Trust Your Old Data Center Equipment To Critical Power Products and Services

For over 20 years we have been helping businesses dispose of unwanted or unneeded data center equipment in ways that make the most sense for the business. Contact Critical Power Products and Services and at 877-315-4176 to learn more about our data center services and find out how much money we can save you!

What To Expect From Our Data Center Decommissioning Services

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Data center decommissioning is more than just disposing of the physical aspects of a data center. There’s the actual data to consider too. If you don’t know where and how to properly dispose of these assets you are putting your business at risk of data losses or breaches and opening yourself up to government fines for the improper disposal of the machinery and its hazardous waste. 

When you think about it this way, handing the entire project off to someone else to manage sounds like a dream come true, doesn’t it?

At Critical Power Products and Services, data center decommissioning is what we do. For over 20 years we have offered data center decommissioning services that take the stress of the process off your hands.

Our Data Center Decommissioning Services

We offer full-service data center decommissioning services. That includes some or all of the following:

  • Complete project management. Trust us to handle the entire project from start to finish so you can focus on what you do best: running your business. We will, of course, keep you apprised of the process, but there is no need to turn your own life upside down to manage the decommissioning process when we can do that for you. 
  • Data center decommissioning and site demolition. This includes the actual physical removal of data center equipment like servers, switches, UPS, HVAC, generators, accessories, and cabling. If the entire building needs to come down, we can manage that process for you too. If you are relocating some or all of your equipment, our data center decommissioning team will work with your inside experts to set up the new site. We adhere to EPA-certified decommissioning standards, federal and state safety standards, and the latest data security standards to protect sensitive business information before, during, and after the decommissioning process. 
  • Disposal of unneeded assets. Unneeded equipment can be reused, sold as is, or taken apart and sold for parts. Unsaleable pieces may be recycled and non-recyclable assets disposed of safely and legally. Critical Power Products and Services offers an equipment buyback program through which we buy certain assets from you at market value, helping you recoup some of your initial investment costs.
  • Disposal of hazardous materials. CPP&S takes the disposal of hazardous materials very seriously. We work with a network of recyclers and hazardous waste handlers to mitigate the environmental hazards associated with hazardous waste disposal. All hazardous waste is disposed of in full accordance with local, state, and federal laws, codes, and guidelines.
  • Site restoration. If needed, our team will restore your old data center site to its original condition so it can be re-leased to another party. Site restoration may include: removing electrical components, conduits, wires, and risers, removing mechanical systems and piping, roof repair and sealing, and outdoor equipment/generator/HVAC pad removal and landscaping restoration. 

Contact Critical Power Products and Services For Comprehensive Data Center Decommissioning Services

Whether you need our help for the entire project or just a piece of it, we are ready to make your data center decommissioning project as stress-free as possible. Our process ensures that no data is lost, no piece of equipment is damaged or misplaced, and you recoup as much of your initial investment back as possible.

Visit our Data Center page to learn more about our data center decommissioning services or call us at 877-315-4176 to discuss your project over the phone.

Successful Data Center Relocation Services Start With A Conversation

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As data centers become more and more vital to successful business operations, it becomes equally as important that they are maintained in a professional manner. Part of this maintenance plan may involve a data center relocation as the old data center becomes obsolete or the business moves to a new geographic location.

Whether you need to move your data center for physical or virtual reasons, and whether you plan to retain your existing equipment or migrate all of your data and applications to new equipment, successful data center relocation begins with a plan. This is particularly important if you want to minimize downtime or even remain up and running throughout the transition.

At Critical Power Products and Services, we think this planning stage should kick off with a series of face-to-face interviews, during what we call the Discovery Phase.

Expect To Spend Time In The Discovery Phase

One of the first steps in every data center relocation project is the Discovery Phase. This phase occurs early in the process and is much more involved than simply providing a list of servers and equipment that needs to be moved. When done well, most of the groundwork for the entire project can be handled at this stage.

The Discovery Phase is the time when CPP&S’s data center relocation consultants meet with key personnel and subject matter experts on your team. We conduct in-depth interviews and site inspections to learn all about your existing infrastructure and applications, your specific relocation needs and limitations, and your business requirements. We identify areas of risk and use the information we learn from your team to create a relocation plan that is efficient and effective and totally in line with your goals and business demands.

In-person, on-site interviews are best for collecting this kind of data. It is through these one-on-one conversations that we are able to understand the nuances of your business needs and clarify questions and issues that arise. We’ll rely on your internal experts to provide us with critical business information and, in turn, our data center relocation experts will develop a plan that puts your mind at ease during this time of transition.

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20 Years Of Data Center Relocation Services

Critical Power Products and Services has nearly 20 years of experience providing data center relocation services that minimize the risks and liabilities of moving a data center. Visit our Data Center Relocation page to learn more about our data center relocation services and capabilities or call us at 877-315-4176 to discuss your project today!