We have a variety of used generators for sale here at Critical Power Exchange. When you purchase used, refurbished or surplus generators the savings can be as much as 40% compared to new equipment. You also save delivery time buying from us, we can usually have your equipment to you within 5 to 10 days instead of waiting weeks like you would when buying new from the manufacturers.

The inventory we offer is made by leading manufacturers. The diesel, natural gas and propane generators available for sale are perfect for industrial as well as commercial applications. We buy and sell units ranging from 35kW all the way to 2000kW and larger. The brands you will find here at Critical Power are Caterpillar, Kohler, Cummins and Detroit and many more. Our clients save big on our low-hour used backup generators.

Below, you will find a small sample list of some of the equipment available for sale. Call us today at 1-877-315-4176 and speak to one of our project managers to find out what other units we have for sale and have them match you up with a perfect used or surplus generator that will best fit your requirements. Our inventory is constantly changing and we have access to a network where we can purchase special orders as needed, so we will find exactly what you need when you call and talk with us.

If you would rather get a fast quote, please fill out a Quick Equipment Quote Form or email us your request to sales@criticalpower.com.

Cummins Generator2001 Cummins 2MW Diesel Generator- Used 

Year: 2001
Size: 2MW
Voltage: 277/480
Hours: 200

Includes: Sound Attenuated Enclosure, Remote Radiator


Baldor Generator2012 Baldor Natural Gas Generator – Used 

Year: 2012
Size: 200kW
Hours: 0
Voltage: 277/480v

Includes: Sound Attenuated Enclosure


Cummins Diesel Generator

2008 Cummins 2MW Diesel Generator – Used
Year: 2008
Size: 2MW
Hours: 44
Voltage: 277/480v
Tier Rating: 2

Includes: Sound Attenuated Weather Enclosure and Square D Breaker


Katolight 300kW Generator

Katolight Diesel Generator – Used
Model: D300FRX4
Year: 1995
Size: 300kW
Hours: 1375
Voltage: 277/480v
Connection: 12 wire re-connectable (3 phase)

Includes: 24 hours Base fuel tank and 600amp ASCO ATS


Model : 50ERES
Year : 2009
Voltage : 120/208v
Hours : 3750
Sound Enclosure
This Kohler Natural Gas Power Generator has been serviced on a  monthly basis and is in top condition.
Call for Pricing : 877-315-4176


750kW Cummins Diesel
 Cat 750kW Diesel Generator – Used
221 Hours
Tier 1 EPA rating
2000 gallon base fuel tank
Sound Enclosure
Kohler 2000kW Diesel Generator –  Surplus
Stock #4024WA-CC
Year: 2009
Tier II
Voltage 2400/4160V
0 Hours
Sound Attenuated
Weather Enclosure
3000 Gallon Sub-base Fuel Tank
Call for pricing. 877-315-4176
Kohler 2000kW Diesel Generator – Surplus
Stock #4025JS-CC
Year: 2009
Tier II
Voltage 2400/4160V
0 Hours
Sound Attenuated
Weather Enclosure
3000 Gallon Sub-base Fuel Tank
Call for pricing. 877-315-4176
2001 2000kw CAT Diesel Generator – Used
Stock #0612AECPE
2000kw standby/1825kw prime
CAT 3516 Engine
3 phase
201 hours
60 hz
Call for pricing. 877-315-4176
Waukesha 2100 kW Generator – Surplus
Stock #4006-SW-CC
Year: 2004
Model # 2V-AT27GL
1 hour
Call for pricing. 877-315-4176
Generac 800kW Diesel Generator – Used
Stock #4028WA
Year – 2001
342 hours
Voltage – 480V
Weather Enclosure
Sound Attenuated
Call for pricing. 877-315-4176
1998 Kohler 750kw Diesel Generator – Used
Stock #0612WACPE1
Model 750ROZD
299 hours since new
60 hz
Weather enclosure w/ 1500 gallon Base Tank
Call for pricing. 877-315-4176
1988 500kw CAT Diesel Generator – Used
Stock #12413BDN1
Model #3412
KW output: 500
Voltage: 1386/2400
Horsepower: 749
RPMs: 1800
Hours: 125
Call for pricing. 877-315-4176
CAT 3456 500kW Diesel Generator – Used
Stock #4008BT-CC
Year – 2006
Voltage 208V
Under 68 Hrs
Tier II
Sound Attenuated
Weather Enclosure
12 Wire Reconnectable
Call for pricing. 877-315-4176
1985 400kw Mitsubishi  Generator- Used 
Stock #11113TJH2
Year: 1985
Base Tank
784 Hours
Located in Palo Alto CA
Call for Pricing. 877-315-4176
1982 230kw Cummins Diesel Generator – Used 
Stock #11113TJH1
Year: 1982
480 Volt
Open Skid
Base Tank
Call for Pricing. 877-315-4176
resized gen 003
Rental Package (other sizes available)
Stock #4172012TJH
Model: DCA220SSVC
480V (Switchable)
Hours: 7,784
Sound Attenuated Enclosure
Other sizes available 25 – 400kW
Call for pricing. 877-315-4176
2008 CAT 125kW Diesel Generator - Used
Stock #3001BD
Model D125-6
Year – 2008
Hours – under 15
Weather Enclosure
Sound Attenuated
2003 Olympian 100kW Diesel Generator – Used 
Stock #0612WACPE
125 kva, 100 kw
65 hours since new
60 hz
2000 Olympian 70kw NG Generator – Used 
208 Volt, 3 Phase
Open Skid
24 Hours Since New
Year 2000
Call for pricing. 877-315-4176

Used Power Generators

There are times when an outage causes a home or business to lose electrical power, whether from a severe storm or any other number of reasons. One of the best ways to safeguard against any damage that can occur from a power outage is to have a backup generator in place. Losing electrical power at home can mean no computer, no television, the water heater stops working and the refrigerator turns off, making it possible for food to start spoiling.

Losing power in a business can be quite disastrous and cause financial damage to the company. It can damage equipment, lose important data and have an impact on productivity. It is in the best interest of any business to be prepared from unexpected power outages. The best investment a company can make is buying an industrial power generator.

Investing in a power generator is a safe way to be protected should a lost of electrical power occur. Some businesses do not do this and feel apprehensive in spending a significant amount of money on a generator that may never be used. They may not view the probability of sudden loss of power from happening, but it does.

What a business needs to consider are the results of damage, which can be far more costly than acquiring a generator. This is where used industrial power generators can help a business save money and be protected. There is no better benefit than knowing during a power outage, the business can continue and have time for further planning.

Many companies purchase a used backup generator instead of a new one. It can save the company money, usually 25% – 50% from the price of a new one. Most of these used generators have been lightly used. They have been fully inspected and checked to make sure when they are needed, they will start-up and run with no problems.

Surplus generators are priced at much lower cost than a new machine, yet these well-maintained generators are basically new and have never been used. They are a cost-effective investment for protecting against any damage that may result from a power outage. Used industrial power generators are available in various sizes and specifications. To figure which one has the power to meet the needs of a business, research can be done online. Conducting some research gives a company a better idea of the specifications and price range.

Another thought for a business to consider is that industrial generators are made to strict specifications for strength and durability, there is little chance to none that a used generator will not operate well. Some companies have bought new generators for emergency backup and may no longer have a need for them so they sell them to trusted generator suppliers. In turn the generator suppliers sell them as used generators, even though in many instances, the machine was never used. This is how other companies can save a lot of money and still make an investment to protect their business from an outage. They have the choice of purchasing, renting or leasing a used industrial power generator.

A trusted used generator supplier like Critical Power Exchange can guide the company through the process of choosing the most appropriate generator that will meet their specifications. To assure quality and performance, we thoroughly inspect the generators and test them before making them available to companies. We specialize in quality used generators at competitive prices and offer personalized service. Whether a business will purchase, rent or lease a used generator, the financial advantages are hard to beat.

Businesses can avoid lose of data or damage to sensitive office equipment. If buying a new generator is not an option, then investing in a much lower cost yet lightly used generator is a viable alternative. It’s the most cost-efficient way to make certain that business can be maintained should a power outage occur.

Smart businesses understand the necessity of taking precautions to protect their property. It is better safe than sorry, especially if the company is located in an area where electricity is easily lost due to stormy weather. It only makes sense to get a generator and if cost is an issue, then by all means there is a wise choice and that is investing in a used power generator.

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