1. Critical Power Exchange Pays for Used Equipment

    July 21, 2014 by admin
    Critical Power Exchange Pays for Used Equipment

    Old Equipment? Don’t trash – get cash!

    For over 21 years, Critical Power Exchange, LLC (CPE) has been the One Call Turn Key Solution for businesses in North America. CPE can handle all your jobs from beginning to end with ease. When your equipment has reached the end of its life, or if its just time for an upgrade, let us help you with your asset recovery by decommissioning and recycling your used equipment.

    CPE Pays for Used Equipment

    Call us first when you have used equipment such as generators, AC’s, transformers, etc. coming off-line, we will access it with you and in most cases be able to offer you cash. CPE’s network of service providers are available to service your de-install needs at any time. And, when you’re ready to replace it, we have the option of new or gently pre-owned equipment to meet your needs and requirements.

    Recycle Logo

    We Pay $$$ for used equipment

    We can refurbish pre-owned equipment to resell or we can recycle.

    So, go ahead, call us today and see how we can help you “Go Green”. 877-315-4176

  2. Solar Power– When will it Catch On?

    July 15, 2014 by admin
    Solar Power– When will it Catch On?

    Solar Power – When will it catch on?

    In today’s changing world, there are always hot topics such as: “What’s the deal with solar power?”

    Over the last few decades, a new awareness of our planet has been cultivated. More people are striving to keep the planet green to save our environment. After all, we only have one Earth.

    Even with this knowledge and mindset, only 7% of our energy comes from renewable resources . Renewable resources include wind, water, solar and fire. These resources can be replenished in a single human lifetime. However, most of our energy comes from fossil fuels, or nonrenewable resources.

    Our current culture is so energy driven that we are on pace to run out of fossil fuels within the next 200 years. As a consumer culture, we habitually use fossil fuels at a rapid rate. However, this habit could be slowed or even stopped. If we draw on the resources we have, such as solar, wind or hydro energy sources, we could extend the life of our fossil fuels and our planet.

    While it may seem like a simple solution of switching to renewable resources, there are obstacles to overcome. In many cases, fossil fuels are cheaper and easier to mine, and, we know how they work and they are convenient.

    Solar Power for example still has a few flaws. The sun is not always accessible, like at night and during cloudy weather. Solar technologies are still very expensive and require a lot of land area to collect the sun’s energy at rates that are beneficial to large groups of people. Currently the average solar panel absorbs and converts roughly 20% of the energy that it receives into useable power.

    However, this shouldn’t deter our use. Instead, we should use solar supply to power as much as possible in our day-to-day activities. We could put forth further research and time that is dedicated to furthering solar power.

    Despite the drawbacks, solar energy use has surged at about 20% a year over the past 15 years thanks to rapidly falling prices and gains in efficiency. National Geographic

    At Critical Power Exchange, we understand that our community needs to respect our environment. We are dedicated to our planet

    Keep the Planet Clean

    Keep the Planet Clean

    by selling refurbished and pre-owned equipment and recycling scrap metal. CPE is helping to shrink the carbon footprint on earth by finding new ways to “Go Green”. Won’t you join us?

  3. New UPS Systems Available- Call Today!

    July 1, 2014 by admin
    New UPS Systems Available- Call Today!

    New UPS Systems available- call today!

    UPS, or Uninterrupted Power Supply, is a battery backup. This system is in place to provide seamless power to equipment in the event of a power dip or total loss. During the summer months, heat is the number one cause for such events, and a loss of power can shut a business down for hours. Not only would they lose time and data during the outage, but emergency assistance to help get the power back up and running can be exceptionally costly.
    Instead, plan ahead!
    CPE offers new and used Liebert UPS systems, both in single and three-phase units. We have everything from 500va to 500kva in stock. Liebert is a proven leader in cooling and backup power equipment. All Liebert UPS units are made with quality equipment by top industry technicians.
    Typically, the UPS is placed between a power supply, such as a generator or transformer, and the equipment, like a computer or piece of medical equipment. The UPS acts as an immediate responder, and is set up to provide power to your equipment while the backup generator gets up to proper operating speed.
    A UPS backup would obviously keep power running in the event of a power failure, but it will also keep a consistent flow of power to sensitive equipment such as MRI or CT machines. Sensitive equipment can be damaged by power fluctuations, and when running a hospital or other intricate business, you don’t want to leave anything to chance.

    Liebert UPS

    Liebert UPS

    UPS2Liebert GXT

    Liebert UPS Blade

    Liebert UPS Blade

  4. CPE Can Save Green While Keeping the Planet Clean!

    June 26, 2014 by admin
    CPE Can Save Green While Keeping the Planet Clean!

    CPE can save green while keeping the planet clean


    Critical Power has been operating for over 20 years, and during that time, we’ve come to understand a lot about our clients and our community. We know that you want the best deals, and we know that quick, efficient service is key to your happiness.

    But we also know that now, more than ever, it is important to think about conserving our environment.

    In this industry, it is easy, and sometimes habitual, to trash old equipment, including transformers, AC units or generators. However, throwing away old equipment can cost you money- getting someone to disassemble and haul it away costs time and money. Instead, call us at CPE. We pay cash on the spot for old equipment, such as transformers . We refurbish what we can, and sell it used. Or, if the equipment is unable to be salvaged, we disassemble, sort, and melt down the remaining parts, helping to reuse the parts again in future projects.

    In addition to all of this, .


    Critical Power also uses local resources and labor. This way, we are not only stimulating the local economy, but also cutting down on shipping costs. There is no need to pay for fuel or other excessive resources.


    It is extremely important, especially now, to start taking care of our planet. Critical Power is doing our best to alleviate waste, and help keep the planet clean!

    Keeping the planet Clean

    Keeping the Planet Clean


  5. Back up Generators Now in Stock!

    June 24, 2014 by admin
    Back up Generators Now in Stock!

    Back up generators, now in stock

    For most companies, summer is the busiest time of year. Be it a hotel dealing with the tourist season, or a casino taking advantage of long weekends, you don’t want to be caught in a state of panic if power goes down.

    During the summer months, heat is killer to most kinds of equipment and air conditioning units. Anyone in the area can be affected. It’s impossible when to predict something like this is coming, but Critical Power can help you prepare for the inevitable.

    CPE currently has tons of back up generators in stock. We offer a variety of back up generators and power supplies to make sure that our clients are never caught without power.

    Critical Power offers many different options, from Diesel and Natural gas generators, to single and three phase. We offer name brands, such as Kohler, Generac, CAT, Cummins, MQ, Katolight, and much more. And all our diesel generators in stock have base fuel tanks, and are priced to sell!

    With all the wild weather we’ve had this year, you’ll want to be sure to get a back-up generator that has weather enclosures. This will ensure the longevity and life of your generator.

    So, don’t get caught off guard in the heat! Stop in to CPE, or shop our online store to find the generator that fits your needs.

    Kohler Generators

    Kohler Generators

    Diesel Generators

    Diesel Generators

  6. We Buy and Sell Transformers!

    June 20, 2014 by admin
    We Buy and Sell Transformers!

    We Buy and Sell Transformers!

    Come one, come all, and let Critical Power take care of that old transformer for you! And, even pay you cash up front!

    Instead of trashing your old transformers, call CPE. We will not only buy old or used transformers, but we will remove the used model, and install your newly purchased model.

    CPE has been operating for over 20 years, and we are the only One Call Turn Key Solution- we handle all our jobs from beginning to end to ensure your happiness. Our company can provide equipment right away; Critical Power has affiliates all over North America, so we can have someone on site within 24 hours. For most cases, we have the option of new or gently used equipment and we will even pay cash to buy old transformers.

    A power transformer is an electrical device that takes power from a high voltage power grid and steps it down to useable voltages. CPE will buy dry indoor, pad-mounted oil filled, substations, and pole mount transformers. We buy units of all shapes and sizes, with either coper or aluminum core. While we prefer electrically functioning units, we will also bring in damaged or non-functioning units.

    Call today for a quote on your old transformer, and have CPE help you find something new to better suit your needs! 877-315-4176

    Power Transformer

    Power Transformer

  7. Are you Prepared for an Emergency Power outage?

    June 17, 2014 by admin
    Are you Prepared for an Emergency Power outage?
    Liebert InteleCool Cooling System

    Liebert InteleCool Cooling System

    Your business just lost power- now what?


    Lights go out. Computers click to black. That nice fan that was keeping the summer heat off your face shuts off.

    Your business just lost power. Now what?

    This time of year, heat is killer to most kinds of equipment and air conditioning units. Hospitals, hotels, casinos, IT companies, and anyone in between can be affected. It’s impossible when to predict something like this is coming, but Critical Power can help you prepare for the inevitable.

    During a power failure, money loss adds up rapidly. This doesn’t just include the cost to replace damaged equipment, but for each hour of downtime, and average size business can lose upwards of $40,000 in revenue. Then add the cost of overtime IT crews, and you’ll end up with a sometimes fatal bill.

    CPE can help stop this trend before it even happens. We provide backup energy generators so you won’t be left in the dark during a crisis. We are the only One Call Turn Key Solution- we handle all our jobs from beginning to end to ensure your satisfaction. Our company can provide equipment right away; Critical Power has affiliates all over North America, so we can have someone on site within 24 hours. For most cases, we have the option of new or gently used equipment, and we will even pay cash to buy old equipment.

    CPE has been in business for over 21 years, and love to help stop power-loss problems before they even start.


    Tips for beating power-loss in the heat:

    - Have a backup power supply, and beat the problem before it starts!

    - Keep dust from settling on servers

    - Keep a strong air current in server rooms to keep air flowing

    - Leave server rooms at less than 77 degrees

  8. Keeping your Data Center Cool in the Summer Heat!

    June 12, 2014 by admin
    Keeping your Data Center Cool in the Summer Heat!

    Are You Prepared For Summer Heat? How To Keep Your Equipment Cool This Season

    Keeping your data center or business facility cool in the summer heat is an often underestimated, but essential, aspect of your work environment. Not to mention, computers and equipment are getting smaller, which is good, but the energy draw is typically the same or more, which is bad, if you are unprepared. Don’t overlook this critical factor in your center, building, or even home office!


    Computer room air conditioners, such as Liebert Air Conditioners, are the product of choice for server room heat prevention and preventing overheated equipment. The right CRAC can eliminate overheating disasters such as a crashed server or equipment failure, which could cost your business some serious down-time. Do I have your attention yet?


    To keep your business going, keep things flowing, and avoid the avoidable catastrophe from the recipe of hot weather plus hot equipment, Critical Power Exchange offers many solutions. Whether it is a Liebert A/C, rooftop cooling tower, or raised access flooring, CPE can help you decide what would work best for your environment. Most businesses cannot afford much, if any, down-time (see our article here), but some even struggle to obtain the equipment necessary to prevent it. Enter Critical Power Exchange. CPE can save you money by offering surplus and/or refurbished UPS units, flooring, air conditioners, or rooftop condensers.

    Keep your Data Center Cool

    Keep your Data Center Cool in the Summer Heat

    So you already have a server room air conditioner? What is it connected to? Cooling equipment should be connected to backup power. UPS units provide emergency power to air conditioners as well as other mission-critical equipment. Other aspects to consider could be raised access flooring or a false floor as you plan ahead before the heat arrives. You need only to leave a comment below or pick up the phone, 877-315-4176, to get started.

  9. Blue Star Power Systems Partnership

    June 10, 2014 by admin
    Blue Star Power Systems Partnership

    Introducing the Critical Power Exchange and Blue Star Power Systems Partnership, Expanding Generator Solutions for Customers


    Why should you care about a partnership with Blue Star Power Systems? Because it combines the strengths of two forces! Knowledge of generator systems (over 20 years) and state of the art generator sales provides a strategy for greater customer generator solutions. Do you need to change-out your old generator and replace it with a new one? Do you fear the down-time as you plan this project? We can remove the old equipment and provide a new Blue Power Systems generator or generators. This includes diesel and natural gas, single or three phase backup power generators.


    When planning to upgrade or change out your old generator or emergency power system, it’s imperative to have a good plan of attack which includes minimal off-line time. These generators are suitable for many applications such as data centers, call centers, cell tower sites, hospitals, nursing homes, sports stadiums, churches, city and county facilities, as well as backup power for small businesses and/or homeowners.


    Looking for a new generator? You may be interested in some of the options Blue Star offers:


    • Diesel or Natural Gas

    • Single phase or 3-phase generators

    • 20kW- 4MW

    • Stand-by or Prime


    Blue Star Power Systems sets the standard for high quality generators offered at a competitive price. The generators are state of the art and developed to provide for customers’ needs, all the while maintaining Blue Star’s integrity and philosophy of customer satisfaction.


    Critical Power Exchange partnering with Blue Star Power Systems can provide a complete solution for upgrading or removing old equipment, or advising you

    Blue Star Power Systems

    Blue Star Power Systems Generator

    on the best solution for your business or project. With a Nationwide reach, together they offer flexibility, sustained service and satisfaction, and complete solutions for your generator requirements.


    Call us at 877-315-4176, or use the Contact Form to inquire about backup generators, upgrading your current set-up, or to decide which generator best suits your needs. To help facilitate replacement of your current generator, you may want to look at our Generator Appraisal Form.


    Don’t be caught unprepared and do limit your stress when it comes to purchasing a new generator. Critical Power Exchange and Blue Power Systems are ready to help set you up!

  10. Platinum Partnership with Liebert!

    June 5, 2014 by admin
    Platinum Partnership with Liebert!

    Critical Power Exchange is now in a  Platinum Partnership with Liebert!


    Critical Power Exchange is proud to announce that we are now Libert Platinum Partners. Throughout the past, Liebert and CPE have done great business together, creating strong bonds and ties between the two companies. The Platinum Partnership will help to generate many new opportunities in the future, both for clients and partners alike, and will allow the cores from both local and corporate offices to benefit.

    CPE is the only Liebert Platinum Partner in the area, helping us to stay strong as the number one place to find backup power equipment.

    Through this partnership, CPE has been able to begin sales of new Liebert UPS equipment.  CPE has teamed up with Emerson Network Systems and Liebert to give you even more selection of top of the line UPS systems. Now, for the first time, we can offer new 3-phase Liebert UPS systems, as well as used models, at great savings for our clients. The new Liebert Uninterruptible Power Supplies provides reliable battery backup while increasing the lifespan of your system. Read more about these advances in our latest blog post.

    Liebert Platinum Partners

    Liebert Platinum Partners



    Critical Power Exchange is the market leader in backup power equipment, supplying only the highest quality UPS systems available worldwide. Through our partnership with Liebert, we will be able to bring both new and gently used models of their Uninterrupted Power Supply systems to our customers at incredibly low prices.


    Liebert is a global manufacturer of power, precision cooling and infrastructure management systems for mainframe computer, server racks, and critical process systems.