1. AFCOM Data Center World

    February 26, 2014 by admin

    Data Center World

    We’re excited to be attending AFCOM’s Data Center World conference for the third year!

    The Data Center World-Global Conference is the premier educational conference and expo for data center and facilities management professionals. This annual conference offers unparalleled opportunities for networking, education and other resources for more than 1,000 data center and facilities management professionals from around the world.

    Join us, and other data center and facilities management professionals, April 28 – May 2, 2014 in Las Vegas, Nevada at the Mirage Resort for the Data Center World-Global Conference and Expo!

    Come see us in booth #901 to discuss used and surplus generators, UPS systems, data center cooling, raised access flooring and more! For more info click here.

  2. One-Call Resource for Industrial Generators & Power Equipment

    February 21, 2014 by admin

    Critical Power Exchange is your one-call resource for surplus and used industrial generators and power equipment!

    Critical Power Exchange sells industrial used and surplus generators made by a variety of the world’s top manufacturers such as

    • Generac
    • Kohler
    • Cummins
    • Caterpillar
    • and other trusted and quality brands!

    Our equipment often costs up to 40 to 60% less than the original manufacturer’s pricing!
    …AND our equipment is available for Immediate Shipping!

    Is your business prepared for whatever event may cause a power outage?

    In today’s connected world, it isn’t a matter of if down time will cost you. It is a matter of how much down time will cost you!

  3. Surplus and Refurbished Generators

    February 13, 2014 by admin

    Critical Power Exchange sells surplus and refurbished generators for hospitals, data centers, Fortune 500 companies and other mission-critical industries.

    Critical Power Exchange can save businesses 40-60% on diesel generators and natural gas generators, by top manufactures like Kohler, CAT, Mitsubishi, Katolight and Cummins.

    Click here to calculate how much power YOUR business needs to remain online, or call us for a quote!

    (877) 315-4176

  4. Emergency Preparedness – Winter Storms Hit When You Least Expect It

    February 6, 2014 by admin
    cancelled flights

    photo c/o businessinsider.com

    So when do natural disasters occur? The answer is when you least expect it. Emergency preparedness is essential. For now, it is winter, so we can expect cold temperatures and storms. This year, the season has caught many off guard with unusual storms and incredibly low temperatures.

    Winter weather has contributed to thousands of canceled flights and record low temperatures. It even caused students to sleep at school and unable to get home due to a city in gridlock.

    With this extreme winter weather upon us, you need to know if your business is equipped. Yesterday was the right time to start asking yourself this question: If your business were to lose, power how would it affect your assets, your inventory or even your production?

    Facilities such as hospitals, data centers or mass-production factories, simply can’t afford to be without power. The consequences vary, however the bottom line is all the same: In today’s world, we need power.

    Some factors to consider when shopping for backup power generators include:
    How dependent is your business on things such as computers, phones and processing equipment?
    The amount of revenue you make using this equipment often outweighs the price of a generator.

    How would power loss affect your business or capital?
    Perishables and other goods that depend on consistent temperature or environmental control may be ruined in a power outage. Production lines could also fall victim to power loss leaving your business unable to produce anything and waiting for answers.

    Use this Power Calculator to better understand how much power your business needs to remain online in case of power loss. Or, call us at 877-315-4176 to speak with our team of expert project managers to determine which backup generator would best fit your needs and budget.

    Even if you live where natural disasters do not often occur, the correct backup power is a wise investment. Make sure you consider your options carefully. You really do not want to take the chance of going down when pre-planning may avoid loss of power.

    Our selection of used and surplus backup generators is available for immediate shipping and often cost up to 60% less than other suppliers!

  5. RELEASE: Critical Power Exchange Prepares for Severe 2013-2014 Winter

    December 21, 2013 by admin

    For Immediate Release: December 20, 2013

    RELEASE: Critical Power Exchange Prepares for Severe 2013-2014 Winter
    Tomorrow is the official start of what could be a long and harsh season.

    Blizzard_-_Dupont_CircleSpokane Valley, WA- Critical Power Exchange is known for providing industrial grade diesel generators and other mission-critical equipment to facilities such as hospitals and data centers across the world, especially when preparing for severe winter storms.

    According to the Farmers’ Almanac 2013-2014 predictions, this upcoming winter season is panning out to produce a severe and fierce winter storm lasting well into the spring of ‘14.

    The Farmers’ Almanac is a 197 year-old publication that claims to have an 80-85 percent accuracy rate. Publishing their predictions a year in advance, these eccentric meteorologists forecast a dangerously bitter winter for over two-thirds of the United States. It’s also anticipated that the will U.S. experience extremely heavy and possibly damaging snowfall throughout the Midwest.

    When preparing for large, threatening storms, there are serious winter precautions that are important for companies and business owners to take, in order to protect mission-critical equipment. To ensure your hospital or major business complex does not lose power during this winter disturbance, CPE can provide and install surplus or used industrial grade generators that will keep your business online and moving forward.

    According to the Farmer’s Almanac predictions we can expect winter to last through a mid-March “wave of storminess stretching from coast to coast, bringing a wide variety of precipitation types as well as strong and gusty winds.”

    Power outages due to storms such as these are not uncommon. Power loss today often means revenue loss for many businesses. CPE has used and surplus generators available at a cost savings of up to 40 percent; inventory is often also available immediately, versus the several week turnaround from the original manufactures.

    Since 1993, CPE has built a reputation around the world as a trusted supplier industrial backup power generators and other mission-critical industrial equipment. CPE has the vital equipment your company needs to ensure business is not interrupted through severe storms- such as the prediction for this 2013-2014 winter.

  6. Thank you to our Veterans

    November 11, 2013 by admin


    “The willingness of America’s veterans to sacrifice for our
    country has earned them our lasting gratitude.”
    —Jeff Miller

    Today we would like to give a special thank you to all of our country’s veterans! We would also like to recognize members of our staff who have served as well. We are proud to have each of you on our team!

    Thank you Will Alt, Kent Walls, Lynne Johnson, Phil Thompson and all the brave people who have fought for our great country!


  7. Backup Power Generators and the U.S. Government

    October 7, 2013 by Nicholas Peterson

    Capitol Building with Generator









    Back-up Power Generators and The US Government, One in the same.


    “So, what kind of title is that?”, you may ask. Well, the way I see it, the U.S. Government should work like a properly operating backup power generator.  When the time comes and the power goes out, you depend on your backup generator kicking in to turn your lights and heat back on. And it should! You worked hard, saved money and invested in this vital backup system. You trust it will be there when you need it.

    Similar to paying taxes, you invest and trust the security will be there in times of distress. You trust when your money is taken from you and handed to the Government, they are to make sure our infrastructure is sound. Seems like a good process.  But, like the backup power generator, the best government is one you don’t always have to see or hear, rather, it simply does it’s job when called upon. We don’t want to hear the government officials rant and complain all day long, instead of coming up with solutions. The best government works like a well oiled, and cared for backup power system. You don’t want to have to fix things time and time again. You have invested money expecting for things to operate as advertised. Once it starts costing you more than you budgeted and is not performing the way it should…. it then becomes a nuisance.

    So what happened? We sit here today, with a disabled government, wondering where all of our hard earned money has gone. Our system, our government has not held up its end of the bargain. They have forgotten this system only works if both sides do their part. They have forgotten that they are running our country’s mission critical backup power system. They have forgotten what happens when one, or in this case, many vital parts of any critical system fail to do its part. SHUTDOWN!

    We are now in the dark wondering how we could invest and trust such a vital system only to see it fail. Well, with most mission critical backup power equipment, if it is working too hard, you have something wrong with your system. If it is not working at all, you have something wrong with your system. Like many of the articles I compose, the answer  comes down to balance. You don’t want to overload your backup power generator for fear of a pre-mature failure or breakdown. You also do not want your backup power generator to sit idle for too long for fear of breaking parts that have not been properly exercised. Routine maintenance and qualified personnel make all the difference. And some times the best option comes down to removing the old equipment and replacing it all together.

    So, in recap, you want to have a backup system in place.  Besides regular maintenance, you shouldn’t have to work on it everyday and it should only make noise in vital situations. You should be able to live your life knowing that your investment will have your back when hard times are upon you. It’s nice to be able to trust your backup power equipment, and equipment that can not be trusted gets replaced.

    “If the system is broke, replace or repair the equipment! Don’t stand there arguing over who broke it!” NP


  8. An Update From Uganda

    September 19, 2013 by Nicholas Peterson

    An Update From Uganda


    It has been a few months since we first sent off the Katolight Diesel Powered Generator to the village of Lwaboba Upper in Uganda, Africa. The Generator was to assist in providing vital power for the medical facility and clean water systems. We have recently received news of the ongoing hospital project and wanted to share the articles with you (see link below). While CPE played only a small part in this grand effort of donations, and volunteer work, we were happy to be a part of helping this great village.

    “A fitting tribute to a passionate doctor” writes author David Mafabi of the Daily Monitor. For more on Dr. Wilson Wamukota, and the medical clinic attributed to his kind heart and giving spirit, please read the following article.(http://www.monitor.co.ug/artsculture/Reviews/A+fitting+tribute+to+a+passionate+doctor/-/691232/1990580/-/8do1nmz/-/index.html).

    Many people donated time and money to this cause. One of the Volunteers, a young man named Lewis Bracey, was kind enough to share this link of his journey in the Ugandan village. Thank you Lewis, great work! (http://projectublog.com/).

    We will continue to post updates as they come to us. Thank you to everyone who supports Critical Power Exchange. Without having the loyal customer base we have had for over 20 years, we would not be able to give back to those less fortunate. Almost daily, companies are finding ways to bring us more bad news; faster and in more places. Let us continue to seek out the good that is out there. Everyday people are doing great things for others with no material reward in sight. These are the stories we should be hearing everyday. Thank you to everyone making this project possible. Your passion inspires us on.

    Paying forward good fortune has no downside.

  9. A Solar Powered Future?

    September 10, 2013 by Nicholas Peterson

    A Solar Powered Future?


    Well the topic of non-renewable (Fossil fuels) energy sources versus renewable (Wind, Water, Solar, Fire) energy sources has been going on for decades. The argument as to why we should use renewable energy sources versus non renewable is as obvious as the category names they belong to. One might say, “Well Duh! A renewable source is always better than a non renewable source”. Even a child should understand that logic. But, here we are, 2013 and only 7% of energy used today comes from renewable sources… 7%! (http://www.ecology.com/ via Energy Information Agency)

    No I am not going to sit back and be the guy that screams, “Stop all oil production! Sell your cars! Live in the trees and make clothes out of hemp plants, SAVE  THE PLANET!” Nope, that’s not me. I like technology, I like nice cars, I like to flip a switch and get instant results and I don’t drive a Hybrid but I do believe we are missing out on the biggest opportunity to SAVE THE PLANET… and it doesn’t involve attacking oil companies and driving Toyota Priuses.

    The answer is as old as the planet. And its not just Wind or the Water, Fire, Solar or even Fossil Fuels. The answer is ALL OF THEM! Everyday, I read things that say why we should use this and not that when a more logical answer is to use the correct energy source for the job. The sun puts off enough energy in one second to produce enough energy for almost 500,000 years of our current energy needs. (http://www.boston.com/news/science/articles/2005/09/05/how_much_energy_does_the_sun_produce/Dr Knowledge, via The Boston Globe, 9-5-05)

    Now you might think, why would we need anything else? The problem is actually finding ways to absorb that energy and convert it to useable power. Currently the average solar panel absorbs and converts maybe 20% of the energy that it receives into useable power. So we may not yet be to the point of capturing all the potential energy out there. So does that mean we just shouldn’t use it? No. We can use that 20% to power appliances, computers, or anything with an electric motor.  But how many homes and businesses have solar panels? Very few.  A single full size wind turbine can generate enough electricity needs for at least 350 homes, (http://www.windenergyamerica.com/) and yet we have very few wind mill farms in production. And we all know the amazing amounts of power generated by moving water. But, we have yet to find or produce an energy source that is as inexpensive to capture and that delivers instant results the way fossil fuels do. But, they will run out.

    As an energy consuming civilization we are on pace to run out of fossil fuels within the next 200 years. (some even say as low as 50 years). This time is so short because of the pace we are on and have been on for decades. But we can change this pace. We can extend that timeline. Fossil fuels are a great source of energy but we must learn to extract them without killing off ecosystems and wildlife and also respect the Fossil fuels as a convenient yet limited energy source that needs to be strictly managed and used for needs and not so much for pleasure. There are many items that can be powered by sources other than oil, coal or natural gas. If we as a civilization started utilizing all our options for energy production and stop simply going to the easiest route, we may just spare some of the fossil fuels for the generations to come.

    But wait! One of our most popular items we deal in is Diesel driven Power Generators. You may ask why a company that sells diesel and natural gas products is writing a blog like this? It’s because Critical Power Exchange understands the benefits of having a diesel backup supply for instant power and backup needs. But we also respect our earth. We utilize pre-owned equipment, we breakdown, meltdown, and reuse the materials and equipment no longer able to provide service.  We provide valuable energy to those who may not have had any at all. A single diesel or natural gas powered generator could be the key source for water and irrigation in developing countries, or it could keep that vital piece of equipment in a hospital running that may be keeping someone alive. There is a need for fossil fuels, we just need to realize they (fossil fuels) should not be our main source for power being that they are the only energy source that has a limited supply. Last time I checked the Sun had another 5,000,000,000 years of life or so left.

    It’s not about finding or creating “the one” solution but utilizing the many solutions already available in abundance. 

  10. Data Center Boom or Bust?

    August 27, 2013 by Nicholas Peterson

    Data Center Boom or Bust?

    Data centers are closing all over the country. This country is in recession! Businesses are doomed! Soon we will be back in the stone ages! These are things we all hear everyday. All we have to do is turn on the TV, look at our smart phones or simply bring up the state of our economy to any passerby. But what is the real issue? Is it technology, is it government OR, is everything being blown out of proportion?

    My belief is the latter. Here are a few reasons why; Data centers are closing but that is not necessarily a direct result of the “recession”. To many, it is a result of technology coming so far that businesses are not needing a five story building full of data center equipment to operate anymore. Technological advances allow for smaller equipment to produce larger results ensuing for less space and materials to be necessary. Also, Co-Location centers are proving it is possible to combine resources and run multiple businesses from one “Co-Lo”. (We won’t get into the issues with Co-Lo’s just yet.) Another key resource is the vast amounts of pre-owned, used and surplus data center equipment coming off line on a regular basis. But not everyone in the business has the knowledge of a company like Critical Power Exchange and they are unaware of the benefits of working with a used and surplus equipment dealer.

    The US opened 563,000 new businesses in 2012 (http://www.brookings.edu/research/testimony/2012/02/01-small-business-baily). I believe that number would be a lot higher if potential small business owners and entrepreneurs knew about the major cost savings they could accrue by utilizing pre-owned and surplus equipment. On average, CPE can save a client 40-60% off the cost of new equipment. That is a huge number, whether looking at building a multi-million dollar data center or simply trying to buy a backup generator for your business. Many options are available that can save the small business owner or even the Fortune 500′s large amounts of money and headaches. It all comes down to knowledge. Contacting CPE and speaking with a experienced Project Manager can help you gain the knowledge you need and possibly gain some money saving tips in the process. One way, to help climb out of a economic recession, is to utilize the options currently available to maximize capital gain and potential without maximizing costs and wait times.

    So yes, everyday we hear/read things that would make anyone think this country is going to implode any day. Everyone is full of “facts” but the real key is not just to gain facts, rather to gain knowledge. And, like the old saying goes, “Knowledge is Power”. The more that people gain knowledge about all the options available, will eventually put the power back in the hand of the business owner. Facts are no good if you do not have the knowledge to utilize them.

    Is the economy is a sad state? Sure. Has it been worse? Absolutely. Will the machines take over? Maybe. So in the meantime, lets progress forward through positive actions, gaining knowledge and keeping our glass half-full. The data center industry has and always will see changes. The trick is to research, adapt, and progress forward utilizing all the available resources